Questions To Ask When Buying , Selling, or Owning a Home

* What source of energy is at the home?

* Do the sellers have knowledge of an oil tank?

* Do the sellers have records to review that the tank was removed or abandoned by a 

*Has a certificate of approval been issued by the local Township, City or Environmental 

*Does the existing underground tank have tank insurance and is it transferable?

*Has the underground tank ever been tested?

    -If so, what kind of test was performed?

*What kind of tank is it and does it have a warranty?

*Has the tank been tested for water?

*Will my Homeowners Insurance pay for a cleanup?

When should I remove or decommission my oil tank?
15-25 years

What is the average cost for a clean up?

Must all underground tanks be removed?
No, but check with your local Building Department.

How old is my tank?
Normally the same age as your home.

What's the best tank insurance?
"No insurance"
Replacing the underground tank with an above ground or warranty underground tank.