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​The most reliable Oil Tank Services in The Hudson Valley & Northern New Jersey


Tank Masters was awarded the bid for an above ground 3,000 tank removal at West Point. This tank was 65" in diameter 18' Long and weighs 3,000 pounds empty. It contained more than 1000 pounds of sludge which had to be scraped out and handed up a height of 8' in 5 gallon buckets to another man. It took our four-man crew 12 hours to complete the project. One man worked a sawzall for 8 1/2 hours straight, making cuts and used 36 blades. 
​Great job to the Tank Masters Crew!
No matter how labor intense this project was, it was still an Honor for Tank Masters Environmental to serve West Point because of the way our solders and their families serve us. 

1000 Gallon Oil Tank Removal under Asphalt Driveway

Oil Tank Removals in The Hudson Valley
Underground Tank Removal
When you rely on us at Tank Masters for underground oil tank removal, we take care of all the details. We will contact utility companies to mark out underground lines and then apply for local permits.
On the day of your project, we will excavate the entire top of the tank using a rubber track excavator. We will then cut an access hole in the top of the tank and remove all liquids. Our technician will then enter the tank to  remove the sludge and completely swab tank interior dry. We will then remove the tank from the ground for the local building, fire or code enforcer to inspect the tank and void. We will then back-fill the tank void by compacting the soil in 12” lifts until it is back to its original grade and seed the area.

NOTE: Excavation sizes usually range from 2’ in each direction past the ends of the tank. A 550-gallon tank is 48” in diameter and is 5’5” long while a 1,000 gallon  tank is 48” in diameter and is 10’9” long.

Above Ground Tank Removal
Tank Masters will apply for local permits. On the day of the project, we will cut an access hole in the oil tank and remove any oil & sludge from the tank bottom. We will then completely swab the interior of the oil tank until dry and remove the tank from the property, cutting into pieces if necessary.
The next step is to concrete patch any holes in the block or foundation from the fill and vent pipes. Once the tank and liquid waste are  disposed of, we will provide you and the permit agency with a scrap receipt for the tank and liquid manifest from a licensed waste facility to close out the permit.   

We provide Oil Tank Services to customers across the entire Hudson Valley and are ready to help you with your tank removal.


Step by Step Underground Removal

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