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​The most reliable Oil Tank Services in The Hudson Valley & Northern New Jersey

If you own a home with an underground tank, chances are the tank is as old as the home. An underground oil tank has a 15 to 25 year life expectancy. It started to rust and corrode the day it was installed. Below are some examples of tanks with holes and how long these tanks were in the ground.


The above tank has been in the ground for only 16 years


Based on the size of this hole, the tank has been leaking for about 20 years


Our technician is actually inside the tank while underground here. Notice the ground water entering the tank. This means when the oil level was above this hole the oil was contaminating the ground water. If the property has a well, the chances are the family has been drinking hydro carbons.


In this photo you can actually see the stream of ground water shooting into the tank.


This tank was in the ground for 28 years. This hole cost the homeowner $13,568.22 to complete a soil remediation. Because Tank Masters Environmental leads the industry in assisting homeowners with their homeowner insurance, we got it covered by the carrier.


 Here is a tank that was filled in with foam by a previous contractor and was not approved by the town. BAD IDEA. Here’s why: 1) when a tank is filled with foam, the contractor never cuts open the tank to enter and properly clean it. 2) Foam creates buoyancy and will actually force the tank up and out of the ground in a high groundwater table. 3) Most townships no longer approve filling tanks with foam.  The homeowner used an inferior contractor to handle a job that should have cost $900.00. They now had an added cost of $2600.00 to remove and dispose oily stained contaminated foam on top of a tank removal price.


This is the area which is disturbed while doing a Tank abandonment in place. The round hole is actually the metal tank itself. We use a sawzall to cut the opening. 


Pure fuel in the bottom of the tank void


Pure fuel in the bottom of the tank void


Notice how the metal begins to flake away


Notice the tank grave. After we pulled out the tank, pure fuel was laying in the grave.


Notice the grey soil...? When oil contaminates the soil, it turns grey.


This tank is out of the ground. While taking a picture on the inside you can clearly see the large white holes


Once the tank has been cut open, it is entered and completely cleaned while still in the ground.  It is then removed from the ground and placed on plastic. This tank is now waiting for the local inspector to make his inspections.


The above is a 21 Year old tank. 


Above, this homeowner had some small dripping coming from the bottom of their above ground tank, which was located in the basement. When the oil delivery company began filling the tank,  it put pressure on the vessel and it burst. The oil delivery man had no idea this occurred. After noticing his meter pumped 600 gallons into a 275 gallon tank he decided to investigate. THIS IS WHAT HE SAW. The house was condemned.........REPLACE YOUR TANK!!!!! 


Above. This homeowner hired a company to abandon his tank in place. This company did this process by pumping foam into it. This is not a good procedure to use because foam creates buoyancy and the tank will come up through the ground in a high ground water table. Also the tank was never entered and properly cleaned.


Notice the GREY. That is contaminated soil.

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