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​Environmentally Safe Oil Tank Abandonment in Orange County, NY

When abandonment is necessary due to the lack of accessibility to remove the tank from the ground, we take the added safety precaution of excavating the soil above your underground tank by hand. This is usually a 40" x40" area that allows us access to the top of the tank. We then cut an access hole in the top of the tank to allow one of our oil tank specialists to enter the tank and remove the contents. We thoroughly clean the inside of the tank. The usable oil that we remove is either emptied at a licensed waste disposal facility or transferred to a new tank.
Following the oil tank cleaning, it will be inspected by your town inspector, and upon approval, we will then fill the tank with an inert material. It is vital to clean the tank properly; otherwise, oil, sludge, and residue may seep into the soil and leach into the environment.

Environmental Consulting For Tank Abandonment

Our environmental consulting firm takes the abandonment of tanks seriously. Often, an abandoned tank can reduce or prevent landscaping or development above its location. This restriction may be due to the ecological and health risks associated with the potential leeching of harmful material into the soil. We must take every measure to ensure the tank is rendered inert and that all the contents are correctly disposed of by a company that handles such material. We cannot take chances on future generations' health and safety with the mismanagement of abandoned tanks. Our commitment is to ensure that it does not pose a hazard to the area.
Environmental consulting will appropriately address the risks of the tank. It will also ensure there is no danger to the property owner or to anyone who may wish to access the area in the future. Our guiding principle is the wellbeing of the community and to minimize the ecological impact of the tank. It has the potential to cause significant harm should it not be neutralized effectively. Our processes uphold our commitment to environmental awareness, and we use industry-approved methods to protect the property from contamination. If you have any questions about our procedures, please reach out to us, and we would be happy to detail our work.

Important Notice:


Over time, your decommissioned, the abandoned tank will continue to decompose. At Tank Masters, we minimize the risk of soil settling or sinkholes by filling the tank with pea gravel, which is a self-compacting material that doesn't absorb water. Once the tank is filled with gravel, we put the excavated soil back in place. Tank abandonment has less of an impact in comparison with tank removal. By way of example, removing a 550-gallon tank would require a hole 8' wide, 11' long, and 7' deep. A 1000-gallon tank would need a hole 8' wide, 17' long, and 7' deep. Reach out to us today to learn more about tank abandonment.

Underground Tank To Be Abandoned In Place
Access Hole Where Tank Was Cleaned and Swabbed Dry
Cleaned Tank being filled with Pea Gravel
Completed Project
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