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Your First Choice for Oil Tank Services – Hillburn, NY

Your oil tank is an essential piece of equipment that you rely on to keep your home or business heated. So, if your tank has seen better days, it’s time to call on the team at Tank Masters Environmental Inc. Count on us for a complete range of oil tank services in Hillburn, NY, including tank removals, installations, and abandonment services. We even offer soil and groundwater remediation. Call now for a free estimate.

Managing Abandoned Tanks Effectively

Not all tanks can be removed from the ground. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that these abandoned tanks don’t pose any risk to the surrounding soil, groundwater, and landscaping. As an experienced oil tank company, we can be trusted to manage abandoned tanks effectively by removing the contents, cleaning the tank, filling it with an inert substance, and excavating the soil above. This thorough procedure neutralizes the tank and ensures that no harmful substances—oil, sludge, and residue—leach into the soil.

Soil Testing & Remediation

Oil spills and leaks are hazardous to the environment and your property, but they’re not always obvious to see. At Tank Masters Environmental Inc., we offer soil testing services to determine whether your soil has been contaminated. With this information, you can make an informed decision about whether or not to remove or abandon the tank. If contamination is discovered, our team is prepared to solve the problem with our comprehensive remediation services. Trust us to ensure that every step of the testing and remediation process meets the strictest environmental standards.

We’re serious about protecting your investment and the environment. Make Tank Masters Environmental Inc. your first call for comprehensive oil tank services.

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