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Underground Tank Removal Services & More – New Hempstead, NY

When properties change hands, underground oil tanks are often forgotten. If you discover one on your land, the best option is to call on the team at Tank Masters Environmental Inc. We’re the leading name when it comes to underground tank removal in New Hempstead, NY, and the surrounding areas. But that’s not all we do. Home and business owners can also count on us for tank installations, soil testing, remediation services, and tank abandonment services.

When Experience Matters

Leaking underground oil tanks place your soil, groundwater, and property value at risk. It’s simply not safe or wise to leave a tank underground and hope for the best. Instead, property owners must hire a qualified and experienced company to minimize the chance of serious environmental impact. With years of experience under our belts, Tank Masters Environmental Inc. knows what issues to look for and how to solve them. Count on us to remove or properly abandon your tank, thereby eliminating the risk of contamination.

Knowledge & Expertise

All tank-related services—including the removal of underground tanks—require a comprehensive knowledge of environmental safety standards. Only skilled professionals have the proper equipment, an understanding of regional regulations, and the right qualifications to get the job done. If removing an underground tank is impossible, you can depend on us to clean it out, check for leaks, and fill the void with an inert material.

Call now to request a free estimate for any of our services and enjoy the peace of mind only a team of experts can provide.

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