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Oil Tank Removal in Wesley Hills, NY

Your new house may come with an underground secret. Buried oil tanks get forgotten because they’re out of sight, but they still hold potential problems. If you find one on your property, note its location and call Tank Masters Environmental. Our company specializes in underground tank removal in Stony Point, NY.

The Right Qualifications

Underground tank removal requires training and certification that only an experienced company can provide. The potential for environmental damage from a leaking underground oil tank could be disastrous and affect your property value, soil integrity, and the water table. We never recommend leaving the tank and hoping for the best; it’s vital to remove or properly abandon it to eliminate the risk of contamination.

Specialized Knowledge

Your underground oil tank isn’t just an inconvenience; it’s a dangerous void under the soil that will break down over time. Our skilled professionals have the proper equipment, an understanding of regional regulations, and the right qualifications to remove the tank and check for leaks. If we can’t remove the underground tank, we’ll clean it out, check for leaks, and fill the space with an inert material.


Call for an estimate on our oil tank services and sleep better at night knowing your property is safe from spills.

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