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Oil Tank Removal in Wesley Hills, NY

If you’ve purchased a home currently or previously heated by oil, you may find an abandoned tank on the property. While aboveground tanks are noticeable, underground tanks can be harder to find. Sometimes the only clue you have an underground oil tank is the ground-level fill pipe. No matter how old you think the installation may be, call Tank Masters Environmental. We provide comprehensive oil tank removal in Wesley Hills, NY. Our goal is to stop catastrophic oil leaks before they start.

Industry Experience

Calling in a scrap hauler isn’t the answer when you need to replace an aging tank or remove an abandoned one. Only a company with the right qualifications can provide oil tank removal services because of the potential for an oil spill. A leaking oil tank could spell disaster for your soil integrity, groundwater, and property value. It’s vital to call an experienced company to remove the installation or properly abandon the underground tank to reduce the risk of contamination.

Knowledge & Expertise

Our skilled professionals have the proper equipment, an understanding of regional regulations, and the right qualifications. Call today, and we’ll supply a free oil tank removal estimate so you can enjoy the peace of mind only a team of experts can provide.

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